Fiesta Resort – Puntarenas, Costa Rica Wedding Photography
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Becky & Luke's Words:

▸ What made you choose Central Pacific for celebrating your wedding in Costa Rica and why did you choose Doubletree by Hilton?

We wanted to get married on a beautiful beach somewhere. Costa Rica seemed like a safe country and great for outdoorsy stuff. We chose the DoubleTree because I am a Hilton Honors member and we wanted to stay at an all-inclusive resort.

▸ Why did you choose Genya + Erik Shenko Photography for documenting your day?

When doing research on photographers in/around Costa Rica, Shenko Photography was one of my top choices. I love your style of photography, capturing sincere and intimate moments. Erik was fantastic to work with. He was always striving to get the perfect shot and had lots of fun ideas but also gave us the flexibility to do what felt natural.

▸ Tell us about the day through your eyes! What were you’re favorite moment of the day?

Becky said: Absolutely the best day ever. Leading up to the ceremony, I was (surprisingly) not nervous. I was very anxious and excited to get ready and see Luke and all the decorations, etc. I kept myself together up to the point that I started walking down the aisle and Luke turned to look at me. Right at that moment I felt a tidal wave of emotions and could not stop the tears (of joy!). Once I reached him at the arbor and held his hands, I took some deep breaths and just let it all sink in. Perfect moment, perfect day, with my perfect man. My favorite moment of the day was standing at the arbor with Luke and he told me how beautiful I looked.

Luke said: The day was a mix of emotions from anxiety, to happiness, to anticipation and disbelief. The perfection of the moment was something I had never experienced before. I don’t necessarily believe that dreams can or do come true, but this is about as close to a dream as one can get while being awake. The perfect setting, weather, people, and time made this day something so special it cannot be put into words. My Favorite moment of the day was watching Becky walk down the beach. Also, you can visit the link below to see Becky and Luke's engagement session also at DoubleTree.

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